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What Are the Different Types of Websites?

Over 70% of small businesses have a website. If you don’t have an online presence, however, customers will struggle to learn about your business. They might turn to one of your competitors instead.

Before that happens, learn more about the common types of websites online. Learning about these business websites will help you choose the proper website layout. The right layout can improve your site’s functionality and user experience.


A business website presents a business to potential customers. It also functions as the foundation for a company’s online presence. Some of the website options below are business websites.

Your business website can display your products and services to help you attract new customers, partners, or clients. Common pages on a business website include the:

  • Homepage
  • About us page
  • Blog
  • Products/services page
  • Contact us page

Your business website will explain what you do and what value you can offer customers. A website can also prove your credibility. Proving your credibility can encourage people to trust your brand and try your offerings.

In addition to the fundamentals, consider adding short staff bios, your mission statement, and your company values. Adding these details can help people get more familiar with your company.

Your product/service pages can give customers descriptions of your offerings. You can highlight the features and benefits of each option to entice customers. You can add a form to these pages to encourage people to contact you.

Consider adding a lead magnet (such as an eBook or coupon code) to your business website. You can start gaining leads and email subscriptions. Then, nurture the leads you generate using a drip email marketing campaign.

When creating a business website, always maintain consistent branding. Match your visual branding across all marketing platforms. Consistency will help brand recognition grow.

Remember, your business website functions as the foundation for the rest of your online presence. For example, you can link your social media posts or digital ads to your website. Having a well-designed business website can help you convert more people into leads and sales.

An eye-catching website and backup services can help you experience business success online.


An eCommerce website allows businesses to sell products online. Your eCommerce website should feature:

  • Product pages
  • High-quality product images with description
  • Secure checkout/transaction capabilities
  • An SSL certificate
  • Account personalization options

High-quality product images can help you encourage more sales. If people can’t see your products before shopping, they might not trust your business.

An SSL certificate indicates your website secures transactions. If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, consumers might not shop from your store.

Offering account personalization options (profile pages, saved orders, order histories, etc.) can further improve the user experience.

When using an eCommerce website layout, make sure your website is mobile-optimized. Most consumers use their phones instead of desktop devices. If your website isn’t mobile-optimized, visitors might leave without completing a purchase.


Blog and news websites inform and educate visitors about specific topics and events. These websites feature:

  • Article catalogs
  • Categorization
  • Dedicated article pages

Categorizing your articles can make it easier for visitors to find the information they need. It can also connect readers to similar articles based on the topic.

Blogs are now replacing print media. Creating a news website can help you engage people with similar interests.

Use search engine optimization (SEO) to help your blogs and articles rank higher on Google. Improving your organic rankings will help you generate more website traffic. As people search for specific topics, your blog articles could appear.

While blogs are text-based, it’s important to include visuals with each post. Adding high-quality images can help you generate more traffic.


Portfolio websites allow professionals to showcase their work and attract clientele. When building a website with a portfolio, include:

  • A gallery of high-quality images
  • Work samples
  • Information about experience/expertise
  • Explanation of services

Use a strong call-to-action to encourage potential clients to reach out and work with your business. Featuring high-quality images showcasing your work abilities and services.

Service Provider

Service providers include streaming services like Netflix or online tools like spell-checkers and photo editors.

These websites feature easy-to-access tools and platforms.

Use tiered payment options to offer different subscription models. Outline what’s available with each tier.

Landing Page

Use a landing page to drive consumers to complete a specific action. Landing pages are usually part of larger marketing campaigns (such as a Google or Facebook Ads campaign).

Your landing page should feature a relevant, high-quality image, form, and strong call-to-action. Keep your language clear, concise, and compelling to generate more conversions.


Building a website for an upcoming event can help you boost awareness and sign-ups. Make sure the site consolidates information for potential attendees.

These websites usually feature current guest lists, event details, and schedules. Let your attendees know if there’s anything they need to bring. Consider adding a page for parking details.

Consider adding a sign-up feature to track attendance.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge base websites contain documentation or answers to frequently asked questions about products and services. You can use a knowledge base website to help potential customers.

Make sure your website is easy to search through and navigate. Create fewer obstacles to help visitors find the information they need.

Consider the Types of Websites You Need

Understanding the common types of websites online is essential before you start building a website. Otherwise, you could use a website layout that fails to meet your needs. Consider these common website options before you start designing.

Then, hire an experienced website design and development agency to build a functional, eye-catching website.

Searching for more tips? You’re on the right blog.

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