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Unpacking Baek XX Chapter 1: A Deep Dive into the Character’s Origin Story

Have you ever found yourself captivated by a character’s past, eager to unravel the mysteries and secrets that shape who they are? If so, then this blog post is for you! Today we’re taking a deep dive into Baek XX Chapter 1, exploring every detail of this fascinating character’s origin story. From their childhood traumas to their present-day struggles, we’ll unpack it all in order to gain a better understanding of what makes Baek XX tick. So grab your favorite beverage and settle in – this is going to be one wild ride!

What is Baek XX Chapter 1?

Baek XX Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the upcoming webtoon Baek XX. The story follows a young man named Baek who has just moved to a new city. While trying to find his way around, he meets a mysterious woman who helps him learn about his past.

The main plot of the chapter is that Baek learns that he was born in a small village in the outskirts of Seoul and that his family was deeply involved in the military regime during the 1980s. His mother and father were both members of the National Intelligence Service, and as a result, they were forced to keep close tabs on Baek and his brother.

One day, while Baek and his brother were playing outside their home, they were spotted by two members of the National Intelligence Service. They took Baek and his brother into custody and brought them to an unknown location where they were tortured for information about their parents.

Eventually, Baek’s father was captured and executed by the National Intelligence Service while he was still being held captive. This led to a heart-wrenching scene where Baek’s mother tried to comfort her son as he wept over his father’s dead body.

Baek eventually escaped from captivity and fled to Seoul, where he began working as an artist to support himself. While living in Seoul, he met a woman named Hyo-Jin who helped him find refuge from the memories of his past.

The Plot of Baek XX Chapter 1

Baek XX Chapter 1 introduces readers to the character Baek Seong-woo and his backstory. Baek is a professional assassin who was born into a family of assassins. He is also the youngest member of his family and has an older brother, who is the head assassin for their clan.

One day, Baek’s brother sends him on a mission to kill a rival assassin. However, on his way there, Baek meets and falls in love with the target’s sister. Despite knowing that it could mean his death, he decides to stay and protect her from his brother’s wrath. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned and he winds up getting captured.

Luckily for him, his love for the sister leads her to save him and they eventually run away together. However, this puts them at odds with the rival clan and they are pursued by them throughout the rest of the story. Ultimately, they are able to outsmart their opponents and live happily ever after… or so we’re hoping!

The Characters in Baek XX Chapter 1

Baek XX Chapter 1 begins with a flashback to young Baek Seong-jin. He is tending to his father’s grave when he is visited by a mysterious woman who tells him that he has the potential to become great. She also gives him a ring with an inscription that says “From the bottom of my heart, I wish for you to be successful.” After she leaves, Baek Seong-jin decides that he will become the best at anything he sets his mind to.

Baek Seong-jin enters university and quickly becomes one of the best students in his class. However, he finds himself struggling with his own identity and how to live up to the expectations of the woman from his past. He meets Park Hye-rin, a girl who is also trying to figure out her place in the world. They start dating and soon discover that they share similar interests and goals.

However, their relationship comes under strain as Park Hye-rin starts to question Baek Seong-jin’s ambition. She believes that he is using her for her skills as a doctor and not because he genuinely cares for her. The two eventually break up and Baek Seong-jin goes on to achieve great things in life. While it may not have been easy, it was worth it because he was able to find himself along the way.


After finishing the first chapter of Baek XX, I was immediately hooked. The story follows a group of young adults as they struggle to come to grips with the death of their friend and leader, Baek Seung-soo. As they delve into his past, they begin to understand not only why he was such an influential figure in their lives but also what drove him to make some incredibly risky decisions.

With its well-developed characters and intriguing plot, Baek XX is shaping up to be one of my favorite manga series this year. If you’re curious about what all the hype is about and want to learn more about one of 2018’s most anticipated anime releases, I would highly recommend checking it out.

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