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Online Content Creation: 4 Tips for Creating Quality Content

There are now over 5.1 billion Internet users worldwide. On average, these folks spend 6 hours and 35 minutes using the Internet.

Among the many things that Internet users do on the web is view online content for research. Indeed, nearly 6 in 10 consumers do this before making significant purchases.

That’s a good enough reason to ensure you create and post only high-quality content online. This guide shares our top tips to help you reach this goal, so read on.

1. Know Your Readers’ Interests

Good content provides valuable information relevant to your readers’ interests. For example, it should answer their questions or help solve their problems.

Therefore, you need to determine your target audience’s interests first. One way to do this is to conduct keyword research. This can help you discover the topics they ask about or the issues they want to solve.

Keyword research involves researching popular search terms users type into search engines. It aims to help you find the best keywords to focus on when planning content creation. For this task, you can use tools like Keyword Generator, Ahrefs, and Google Keyword Planner.

2. Use the AIDA Format

AIDA, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, is a writing format. It can help capture your audience’s attention from the get-go. It then continues to hold on to that attention and, finally, make them take action.

A great way to grab a reader’s attention is to provide a statistic related to the topic. For example, suppose you’re writing about air filters and their benefits. You can start the post with an air pollution statistic, such as 1 in 3 Americans living in areas with this problem.

Next, heighten their interest further by giving more info on the statistic you gave. In the example above, you can write about some of the health effects of air pollution.

After that, get them even more hooked by mentioning how reading your guide can help. For instance, you can tell them quality air filters can help control indoor air pollution. You can then invite them to read the rest of your post to learn about the benefits of these products.

3. Break the Body Into Smaller Chunks

As you write the body of your content, limit its paragraphs to 2 to 3 sentences each. Likewise, avoid writing long and complex sentences. The longer a sentence or paragraph is, the more difficult it is to comprehend.

Aim to make each paragraph easy to scan, read, and digest. Also, each sentence you write should provide new information and mustn’t contain fluff.

The above strategy also simplifies proofreading and spotting typographical and grammatical errors. These are must-avoid mistakes, as many consumers deem them unacceptable. About 8 in 10 poll respondents said they wouldn’t hire someone who commits these blunders.

4. Consider Seeking Help From the Pros

If creating content isn’t your expertise, consider outsourcing this task.

For example, you can hire a digital marketing and advertising expert. These professionals typically provide SEO services for small business marketing campaigns. Aside from creating high-quality content, they can help you promote it on social media.

Create High-Quality Online Content Today

Remember: High-quality online content answers readers’ questions or solves their problems. It also follows the AIDA format and is readable, engaging, and free of typos and grammar errors. So, incorporate all these in your content to entice your readers now and make them return for more.

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