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Is It Time To Get Diesel Injector Service? Here Are 10 Symptoms

Diesel is one of the most fuel-efficient and widely produced fuels today. It’s typically found in many vehicles, from your car to semi-trucks. The only problem associated with diesel is that it requires service.

A wide range of symptoms are usually associated with needing a diesel injector service. These symptoms may seem minor to the untrained eye. 

However, it can lead to significant problems if not resolved immediately. Read on to learn these ten signs to get your diesel engine serviced!

1. Difficulty Starting the Engine

If your engine is consistently slow or takes several attempts before turning on, it may be caused by a bad diesel fuel injector. This symptom is also more prevalent in diesel engines from older models.

Additionally, if you hear a loud clanging or knocking sound when attempting to start your engine, it could indicate damage or malfunction within the diesel injectors. It could lead to your engine not starting at all. 

2. Rough Idling

Rough idling can sound like an uneven exhaust note or as though the engine is “shaking” or misfiring. It often occurs after accelerating or starting up the engine. If your motor is not running when idling, the diesel fuel delivery is not working correctly because of clogged injectors.

If left unaddressed, rough idling can be a warning sign that something more serious is wrong. If you are experiencing rough idling, take your vehicle in for an inspection to determine the source of the problem. 

3. Reduced Power and Acceleration

If your vehicle has become sluggish, it may be due to a problem with your injectors. In that case, isn’t climbing hills or accelerating as it usually does, sputtering or jerking when accelerated, or seeming slower to respond when you put your foot on the pedal, injector service may be the way to go.

These issues can be caused by clogged or faulty injectors, which can become dirty from regular wear and tear. Replacement injectors are widely available online. You can check Dieselogic to see if the injector for your vehicle model is available.

4. Misfiring

Misfiring can be caused by various things, such as an incorrect air-fuel mixture, a clogged injector, or an electronically controlled fuel injector. These symptoms can be seen when the engine is running, and it will have a lurching effect. When this happens, engine cylinders do not fire correctly, causing a miss in the engine’s average power.

If left unchecked, this could cause further damage to the injector and engine. If you experience misfiring, it’s essential to visit a professional to inspect the diesel injector and its engine components.

5. Increased Fuel Consumption

Since diesel engines are generally built to be fuel-efficient, any sudden spike in the fuel you’re using can be a significant cause for concern. When the injector malfunctions, it allows more energy to pass through than is necessary and produces an inefficient combustion process, resulting in greater fuel consumption.

Before taking your car to the shop, it is best to check for other symptoms, such as smoke or stalling. If other problems appear, like decreased power or leaking fuel, it is time to get a diesel injector service.

6. Smoky Exhaust

Smoky exhaust can be a symptom of clogged diesel injector nozzles that requires service to remove the soot buildup. It is a common problem in diesel engines because of the high fuel pressure injected into the machine.

The smoke is usually caused by an incomplete combustion of the fuel, which results in a sooty residue. Other things to watch for are thunderous exhaust and exhaust odors. If you see any of these signs in your engine or your exhaust is producing a smoky trail, it’s time to get diesel injector service. 

7. Engine Vibration

If the vehicle shakes while the engine is running or starts to vibrate when it reaches a certain speed, this could be a bad sign. Dirty or worn injectors can cause an unbalanced fuel-air ratio in the engine, which results in an uneven performance.

As a result, the pistons struggle to create a balanced burn, leading to vibrations that can shake the entire vehicle. If the beat is too strong, it can damage other parts of the engine and reduce efficiency. It’s essential to get diesel injector service done promptly if engine vibration is present.

8. Poor Throttle Response

Poor throttle response can be described as an issue such as a lack of power output when the driver attempts to accelerate. When a driver presses the accelerator, the engine should quickly respond.

If the engine lacks power or the response is slow to engage, it may be a sign of clogged injectors. Any delay in acceleration, especially when going up a hill or accelerating gradually, should also be considered.

9. Engine Stalling

The most apparent symptom of engine stalling is when the engine stops running or begins to run when you are driving. Additionally, you may notice that your engine needs to start or take longer than usual.

It may be accompanied by a loud knocking or rattling sound, typically due to fuel not being fully ignited by the spark plugs. Stalling can be caused by several issues, but it’s essential to get to the root of the problem before it worsens. However, if your engine begins to sputter, stall, or even shut down, it may be time to get a diesel injector service. 

10. Check Engine Light

When the check engine light in your car comes on, it is likely time to get your vehicle checked up. However, there could be several causes for the check engine light to go on. If you are experiencing a number of the signs mentioned above with the check engine light on, it is time to consider getting a diesel injector service.

Get Diesel Injector Service for Your Vehicle

The ten symptoms listed can be a great guide to help you determine if your diesel vehicle needs injector service. Pay attention to the signs and indications that your vehicle’s diesel injector may need servicing. If you are experiencing any of the discussed symptoms, getting your diesel injector serviced as soon as possible would be wise.

Don’t wait. Call a trusted diesel mechanic right away to get your injector serviced, and continue to enjoy a safe and reliable ride!

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