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How To Streamline Your Plastic Surgery New Client Appointments

Efficient appointment systems may help reduce wait times and administrative tasks. Utilizing the right software enhances data accessibility and organization within your practice. With electronic health record (EHR) software, you can gather feedback from clients during appointments to refine the process. Here are ways to use plastic surgery EHR to streamline new client appointments: 

Appointment Scheduling

EHRs have integrated appointment scheduling features. Your staff can check the availability of plastic surgeons, book appointments, and send automated reminders to patients. Calendar management features allow staff to check available slots to avoid double bookings.

Online patient portals allow patients to log in to the platform and schedule appointments based on their preferences. Some EHRs have a waitlist feature that allows patients to be placed on a waiting list for rescheduled or canceled appointments. When a booked appointment becomes available, the system can notify patients to claim the appointment if they’re interested. An appointment scheduling feature can help you track appointments and identify delays or areas for improvement. 

Document Management

Customizable document templates in EHR software can be designed for pre-operative evaluation forms. Plastic surgery EHR software may integrate imaging or scanning devices like digital cameras and scanners. With this feature, you can scan and store patient consent forms, insurance information, and identification documents.

Use annotation and markup tools to add notes and highlights to documents to explain procedures to the patient during the appointment. An EHR system also provides real-time document access that shows medical history, previous surgeries, test results, and imaging reports. With a photo management capability, you can capture and import photos into the chart to track the patient’s progress.

Telemedicine Consultations

An electronic health record system can aid telemedicine consultations for initial appointments and follow-up visits. Integrate secure video conferencing into your EHR to facilitate virtual consultations. Conduct HIPAA-compliant video calls and document a patient encounter with reliable EHR software. 

Cloud-based EHRs allow safe communication with patients during telemedicine consultations. You can often use mobile phone apps to interact with staff and patients anywhere due to mobile integration. Electronic health records can transfer data and notes from the consultation for accurate documentation. 

Billing Integration

A streamlined appointment scheduling process can integrate with your billing and coding systems. Integration leads to more accurate billing and reimbursement due to updated patient information such as insurance coverage and billing codes. With EHR software, your practice can benefit from automated claims submission and claim status tracking. 

You can utilize smart stamping for billing codes to generate accurate patient data for faster reimbursement. The system may also have financial reporting and analytics to generate reports on billing trends, revenue, and outstanding balances to identify areas of improvement. Automated patient statements, which include billing information, balances, and payment instructions, can boost transparency and facilitate prompt payment. 

Electronic Prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions or e-Prescribing can streamline the medication management process during new client appointments in your plastic surgery practice. The EHR system can offer instant access to the patient’s medication history. Providers can review current medication, dosages, and allergies recorded in the platform to enhance patient safety.

The EHR system can also facilitate prescription refills and renewals during client appointments. EHR software may provide patient education and medication instructions within the e-Prescribing feature. Electronic prescribing capabilities can send prescriptions directly to a pharmacy, helping to reduce errors. 

Invest in a Plastic Surgery EHR

Streamline your plastic surgery client appointments using EHR software. The system can boost online appointment scheduling, billing, telemedicine consultation, electronic prescriptions, and document management. You can collaborate with insurance carriers and healthcare providers when you utilize EHR features effectively. Invest in a plastic surgery EHR that automates your tasks and enhances patient experience with ease. 

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