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Brokeree Solutions Expands Its Reach with New Office Opening in Cyprus

Brokeree Solutions, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for brokers in the trading industry, has marked a significant milestone in its growth journey with the opening of a new office in Cyprus. This strategic move further establishes Brokeree’s global presence and strengthens its commitment to providing localized support to clients in key financial hubs.

Cyprus, renowned as a prominent center for the financial industry, was carefully chosen as the location for Brokeree’s new office. The physical presence in this thriving region allows the company to work closely with clients, colleagues, and industry partners who are at the heart of the financial world. This proximity facilitates face-to-face discussions, fostering greater collaboration, idea exchange, and synergy.

The new office in Cyprus will serve as a hub for Brokeree’s operations in the region, providing a centralized location for client meetings, workshops, and training sessions. The company is dedicated to fostering stronger relationships with its clients and partners, and the office will facilitate direct engagement, enabling comprehensive discussions and personalized support.

The physical presence will allow Brokeree to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities specific to the Cyprus market, and tailor its solutions to better meet the needs of local brokers and traders.

The expansion into Cyprus comes at a time of significant growth and evolution for Brokered Solutions. With its cutting-edge products like Social Trading, PAMM, and Liquidity Bridge, the company has established itself as a key provider of innovative solutions in the trading industry. By actively engaging with clients and partners, Brokeree ensures that its solutions are not only comprehensive but also aligned with the current and future requirements of the industry.

At the forefront of Brokeree’s product offerings is Social Trading. The solution revolutionizes the way traders engage with the financial markets. This cutting-edge real-time cross-server trading technology enables traders to connect and follow the strategies of experienced traders, opening up a world of opportunity for knowledge-sharing and collaboration. With Social Trading, traders can observe and replicate the trades of successful traders in real time, allowing them to benefit from their expertise and potentially achieve similar trading outcomes.

The platform fosters a community-driven approach, where traders can interact, discuss market trends, and learn from each other’s experiences. By promoting transparency, education, and the exchange of ideas, Social Trading empowers traders to enhance their trading strategies and make more informed investment decisions. It is a game-changer in the trading industry, bringing traders together and unlocking a wealth of potential for growth and success…

Another key product in Brokeree’s portfolio is the PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) system. PAMM is a comprehensive investment system that enables traders to invest in special shared accounts or PAMM accounts managed by money managers. The solution offers in-build risk management tools, automated profit calculation, and distribution, providing both investors and money managers with a seamless and secure investment experience.

Additionally, Brokered Solutions’ Liquidity Bridge empowers brokers with seamless connectivity to multiple liquidity providers. This powerful solution ensures efficient order routing and liquidity aggregation, enhancing the trading environment for brokers and their clients. With the Liquidity Bridge, brokers gain access to a wide range of liquidity sources, enabling them to offer competitive spreads and deep liquidity to their traders.

The solution supports risk management functionalities, allowing brokers to set custom rules and controls to mitigate risks effectively. 

As the trading industry continues to evolve rapidly, Brokeree Solutions remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and delivering innovative products and services. The new office in Cyprus serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to its clients and its vision of providing exceptional support and tailored solutions.

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