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An Overview of the Most Commonly Used Types of Legal Documents

Did you know that many legal issues can be avoided with proper planning beforehand? As such, getting the right legal guidance can go a long way in avoiding issues.

And while legal documentation may not be the most exciting thing, you can still choose the type of documentation that fits your personality. From the formal to the fun, the options are limitless.

Of course, figuring out what’s available can make it even more confusing. Luckily, this article gives you an overview of the most commonly used types of legal documents.


The most commonly used types of legal documents in relation to contracts include deeds, agreements, releases, and rental contracts. A deed is a legal document that transfers a right, interest, or duty from one person to another.

An agreement is a formal arrangement between two or more parties detailing their rights, responsibilities, and expectations. A release is a legal document that releases another party from a certain obligation or liability. A rental contract or lease is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant that sets out the tenant’s rights and obligations in a rental property.

Wills and Trusts

A will is a legal document that appoints an individual to manage the estate of a deceased individual. It also establishes how their property and possessions should be distributed among their heirs.

A trust is a fiduciary agreement whereby an individual (the grantor) contracts with another individual (the trustee) to manage and oversee certain assets on behalf of a third party (the beneficiary). The trust outlines the stipulations and requirements needed for the trust to remain valid. All of these documents must meet certain legal requirements and must be properly authored and witnessed to be enforceable.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is one of the most commonly used types of legal paper and is a document in which an individual grants another person or organization the legal authority to act on his or her behalf. It can be used in a variety of situations, such as granting an agent the right to handle financial transactions, medical decisions, and other tasks on the individual’s behalf. It can be either general or specific and can be limited to certain topics.

Legal Complaints

This type of document includes a statement of facts and an allegation that a party has acted unlawfully or wrongfully against the complainant. A legal complaint can be filed in state or federal court depending on the type of claim and the jurisdiction where the complaint is filed. When a complaint is properly written, the court will serve it on all the defendants, who will then have the opportunity to file an answer to the complaint.

Court Orders

These orders are brought before the court and are issued by a judge. Court orders are typically issued in civil as well as criminal cases, and they often have a binding legal effect on the parties involved.

Understanding the Implications of Different Types of Legal Documents

There are many types of legal documents each with its own purpose. Understanding the differences between them makes it easier to make informed decisions.

By consulting an experienced lawyer, one can be sure they are taking the right step forward in any legal matter. Get started today and get the legal advice you need.

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