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A Guide to the Best Industrial Cleaning Chemicals for Your Facility

Have you ever wondered if you’re using the appropriate cleaning chemicals in your facility?

It’s important to only use the best industrial cleaning chemicals in your facility. They’ll help protect your employees, ensure your facility is clean, and improve the overall safety of your facility.

Yet besides just liquid soap, what should you use? What factors should you consider when deciding on the best industrial cleaning chemicals for your facility?

Keep reading to learn about which industrial cleaning chemicals you should be using for your facility today!

All-Purpose Cleaners 

All-purpose cleaners are an essential part of any industrial cleaning regimen, and the right products can help keep your facility squeaky clean. With all-purpose cleaners, you can tackle both hard and soft surfaces with ease while minimizing the risk of scrubbing and using harsh chemicals.

Look for products that are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, from bathrooms to the breakroom and beyond. High-quality all-purpose cleaners can dissolve grease and oil, lift away dirt and grime, and contain biodegradable ingredients that won’t harm the environment. 


Industrial facilities require specialized disinfectants to keep staff and visitors safe and healthy. These disinfectants must adhere to health and safety standards set by the government to ensure that everyone who enters the facility is in a safe and healthy environment.

Many industrial cleaning chemicals are available to meet the needs of facilities all across the country. Common industrial disinfectants include chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, and quaternary ammonium compounds.

To guarantee efficient hygiene and protection, these products must be applied properly, and supplies should be updated regularly. A proper and consistent maintenance plan for your facility will ensure that it is up to standard and safe for everyone.


For grease-ridden messes, it’s essential to choose an effective industrial degreaser that’s powerful enough to quickly break through grease and grime with minimum application.

Butyl-based degreasers are particularly effective on greasy, oily messes since they have a slightly higher flash point than mineral spirits and are, therefore, better for industrial cleaning applications.

Butyl degreasers can easily be used neat or diluted to achieve the required strength for areas with different levels of contamination. They also have a low odor, making them easier to work with.

Odor Neutralizers 

Industrial odor neutralizers are an essential part of any facility, as they reduce or eliminate harsh and unpleasant smells. With the proper selection, industrial cleaning chemicals can work together to effectively neutralize odors.

Start by investing in an industrial enzyme cleaner – these are designed to break down and eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Next, choose a deodorizer that’s specifically designed for industrial applications, such as a citrus-based odor remover, to get rid of any deep-seated smells.

Finally, find an industrial-strength deodorant that effectively eliminates surface odors. This is especially important when dealing with wood, fabric, or concrete, as these materials can hold onto odors for some time. 

Read More About Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Most of all, when using industrial cleaning chemicals, safety should remain paramount. In choosing the best chemicals for your facility, make sure to read all the directions, warnings, and cautions first.

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