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6 Essential Tips for Changing Your Car’s Oil

Changing your car’s oil might seem like a daunting task, but fear not – it’s a fundamental aspect of maintaining your vehicle’s engine health. Learning how to change your car’s oil can save you time and money while ensuring your engine runs smoothly. In this guide, we’ll walk you through six crucial tips for successfully changing your car’s oil like a pro.

Gather the Necessary Supplies

Before diving into the oil change process, gather all the supplies you’ll need. You’ll typically require new oil (make sure it’s the right type and viscosity for your vehicle), a new oil filter, a socket wrench or spanner, an oil filter wrench, a drain pan, a funnel, and gloves to protect your hands. It’s also a good idea to have some rags or paper towels handy for any spills or drips. You can look for a technician for oil change northridge ca

Choose the Correct Oil and Filter

Selecting the right oil and filter for your car is crucial. Refer to your vehicle’s manual to determine the correct oil viscosity and type recommended by the manufacturer. 

There are different types of oil, such as conventional, synthetic, or a blend, so ensure you choose the one that suits your vehicle’s needs. Additionally, match the oil filter to your vehicle’s make and model to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Safely Jack Up Your Car

Prepare your vehicle for the oil change by parking it on a level surface and engaging the parking brake. Use a jack and jack stands to lift the car safely, providing enough clearance to access the oil drain plug and filter easily. 

Ensure the vehicle is securely supported by the jack stands before crawling underneath. If you car engine is damaged then look for high quality Automotive used parts Maili HI

Drain the Old Oil

Locate the oil drain plug underneath the car’s engine. Place the drain pan beneath the plug to catch the old oil. Using a socket wrench or spanner, carefully loosen the drain plug in a counterclockwise direction. 

Once loose, remove the plug entirely and allow the old oil to drain completely into the pan. Be cautious as the oil might be hot. While the oil is draining, it’s a good time to remove and replace the oil filter.

Replace the Oil Filter

Using an oil filter wrench, carefully loosen and remove the old oil filter. Before installing the new filter, apply a thin layer of new oil to the rubber gasket on the new filter. 

This lubrication helps create a proper seal and makes it easier to remove during the next oil change. Screw the new oil filter into place by hand, ensuring it’s snug but not overly tightened.

Refill with New Oil

Once the old oil has completely drained and the new filter is in place, it’s time to add fresh oil. Use a funnel to pour the correct amount and type of oil recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer into the engine. 

Refer to the dipstick to check the oil level periodically while filling to avoid overfilling. Once you’ve added the appropriate amount of oil, replace the oil cap securely.

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